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Sweet Georgia Sock Yarn Blank

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Gradients are ever-so-fun in the new line of SweetGeorgia Sock Blanks, especially when they feature some of our signature colours. These machine- knit Stockinette stitch tubes allow the hues to flow from one shade to another seamlessly throughout your project. No ends to weave in and no yarn to wind means a no-fuss, ready-to-go project for the gradient-loving maker. 425 yards


We’re doubling the fun, you might say, with SweetGeorgia Yarns Double Sock Blanks. There is nothing so satisfying as a pair of perfectly matched socks, with colours and patterns lining up just so. And now, your identical hand-dyed gradient sock dreams can be fulfilled!

Please note that sock blanks come machine knit in a Stockinette stitch tube. To work, pull one end from the tube to unravel. You may wish to work straight from the tube or wind it into a ball / cupcake. Sock blanks provide a unique way to dye colour gradients seamlessly as we dye directly on the knitted fabric. Knitting or crocheting from a sock blank is “crinkly,” but the crinkles block out perfectly for a smooth, beautiful finish, ensuring you have a magical colour-changing experience. 

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