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Knitter's Pride Smartstix 16" Circular

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Knitter’s Pride SmartStix 16” Fixed Circular Needles are available in sizes US 0 (2.00mm) to US 9 (5.50mm) and are a great addition to any knitter’s toolbox. SmartStix needles are the answer to that age old question—where is my tape measure? With SmartStix, you have 1” markings along the lengths of the needles as well as the cords, making measuring a snap with no additional tools needed. These needles are lightweight, durable, and feature flexible cables with smooth joins that let your stitches glide effortlessly. SmartStix Fixed Circular Needles are also available in 24, 32, and 40" lengths. 
SmartStix are here to help:
Save time
Assess gauge
Reduce clutter
Test yarn weight (with WPI or wraps per inch)

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