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Gleener Dryer Dots Grey Swirl

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In lieu of harsh chemicals, Gleener Dryer Dots harness the natural properties of wool for eco and effective fabric softening that shaves dryer time by up to 30%. Tell your old fabric softener to bounce and say hello to a new, greener softness. The Gleener Dryer Dots are sold individually.

*Note: We recommend that you use 3 dryer balls for small loads and 6 or more for medium to large loads. When not is use, just leave them in the dryer with the door ajar or store in an unsealed container.

Love your laundry. Soften laundry and reduce drying time naturally with Gleener Dryer Dots. Made with 100% ethically sourced New Zealand wool, Gleener Dryer Dots are hypoallergenic and biodegradable. Free of harmful chemicals, toxins, carcinogens, or perfumes, Dryer Dots are safe for those with asthma, eczema, sensitive skin, and allergies. These all-natural dryer balls soak up moisture and increase air circulation in your dryer which allows you to reduce drying time by up to 30%. Durable, reusable, and compostable, they naturally soften over 3000 loads or 3 years’ worth of laundry.  

Bring your down-filled puffer jackets, pillows and duvets back to life with a quiet and gentle tumbling action. Fluff up your towels and increase their absorbency by eliminating harsh chemical residues.  Simply toss them into the dryer and run the cycle as usual. Choose Gleener Dryer Dots as an environmentally friendly, energy-saving alternative to disposable dryer sheets.  

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