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Class w/Heidi Sunday Knit Companion for Beginners June-17, Mon 10:30-12:30 $30

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Learn how to use the amazing features of Knit Companion.  Never print a paper pattern again, knit more, make less mistakes.  Use it to manage patterns for any craft, not just knitting.  Bring your Ipad with Knit Companion (free to download) pre-loaded.  Purchase “Essentials” for basic knitting, or, if you are a chart knitter or just want the full app purchase “Setup+Essentials”, which is approx. $20/year.  It is ok to NOT purchase the app until after class, we will demonstrate the full app, and you can decide what you will need and can upgrade later, we will show you how. If you want to purchase before class, load the free app and tap the shopping cart icon to get started.  You will need your Apple login/password and your Ipad. 

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