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June 17-18, 2024 ONLY, HEIDI SUNDAY 4 Workshops!

Heidi Sunday, from Mobile Alabama, is coming to teach 4 GREAT WORKSHOPS:

All about Knit Companion (Beginner Knit Companion on Monday and Advanced Knit Companion on Tuesday). 

Plus, she is also debuting two special extra workshops: "Short Row Bootcamp", on Monday, where you will learn 5 styles of Short Rows and then you are free to chose your favorite whenever a pattern calls for knitted short rows (yes there are short rows in Crochet, but those are a different story!). 

Also, there is an "Emotional Support Chicken" workshop on Tuesday, where we will start our chickens and review all the pattern sections to get you started.  Based on your Yarn and needles choice, make the chicken any size you like and soon, you will want a whole flock of them!

All classes are 2 hours each, $30, and there will be handouts as well.  Please check each class description for supplies needed.  See you soon!

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